April showers bring May flowers? We sure hope so with this crazy weather! But, it just so happens that Parkinson Canada has a beautiful flower as their logo. We thought Parkinson’s Awareness Month would be the perfect time to share some information with you regarding the condition, along with common symptoms, and where you can get more information.

According to Parkinson Canada, Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease. Dopamine is a chemical that transports signals between the brain and nerves which produces movement. The symptoms of Parkinson’s occur when cells that typically produce dopamine, die.

The most common symptoms of Parkinson’s are:

  • tremor
  • slowness and stiffness
  • rigid muscles
  • impaired balance

Other symptoms that could occur:

  • issues when handwriting
  • sleep disturbances
  • fatigue
  • soft speech
  • worsening of posture (stooped)
  • constipation

It is extremely important that you discuss with your doctor if you are experiencing the symptoms listed above. This way, the proper treatments can be put in place quickly. To help manage symptoms, medications can help along with physical therapy for mobility, flexibility, and balance, occupational therapy to help with daily activities, speech therapy to maintain voice control and exercise for muscles and joints. It is crucial that you are an active participant in managing the disease because symptoms will change as time goes on. A good support system and an amazing healthcare team that you trust are also vital.

For more information, please visit the Parkinson’s Canada website. It is an incredible resource.


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