Are You Ready for a Fall-Free Winter?

As we approach the winter season, the weather certainly provokes more falls. This can lead to serious injury and can definitely add extra stress to the holidays. We hope that the following tips can help you be mindful of the weather change and can educate you on winter safety!

  1. Keep the salt/sand and shovel inside your home. It is more beneficial to keep these items inside so that you do not slip on your way to get these items outside.
  2. Keep pathways clear. As we accumulate more snow, ensure pathways are shovelled. (If you have pre-existing health conditions, make sure you receive assistance!)
  3. Ensure railings are sturdy. Check all outdoor railings as they may save you from a fall.
  4. The holiday season is the time of giving. If you need help with keeping your outdoor space in safe condition, ask for help!
  5. Go slow. Take your time so that you do not fall while rushing out the door.
  6. Wear the appropriate footwear for traction. This reduces the risk of falling on icy stairs and surfaces.
  7. Have a plan! Carrying a cell phone or an alert device is crucial to ensure you receive help if you happen to fall.
  8. Keep practicing your balance exercises! In our November blog, we discussed various balance exercises that you should practice to improve your stability. Here were the exercises mentioned in last month’s blog:
    1. Holding onto the counter, perform calf raises. These can also be done while doing simple chores like washing dishes, brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc.
    2. Leg lifts to the side of the body while holding onto a table.
    3. Wall sit/squats. Put your back against a wall without any picture frames or décor and hold a wall sit position (legs should make a 90o angle). This can also be performed as squats where you repeat this motion multiple times instead of holding it.
    4. Even exercises as simple as standing on one leg while doing dishes or brushing your teeth promote balance and strength.


It is also important to be mindful when hanging various holiday decorations. For example, when hanging outdoor lights, watch your footing on the ladder and make sure you have assistance.

Here are some tips for hanging your outdoor lights:


All of us here at UHC are wishing you a wonderful and safe holiday season filled with joy! Happy Holidays!