Although not having a schedule feels quite nice and relaxing some days, we are here to tell you why you SHOULD have a daily routine that you stick with.

  1. Structure: A daily routine provides structure as you need to schedule your days ahead of time. When one task is completed, you already know what is next on your to-do list. By having structure, you are able to keep moving forward and will not get stuck due to a lack of direction or uncertainty in your schedule.
  2. More Efficient: Habits will certainly arise out of building a daily routine and this is where the act of automation increases your efficiency and allows you to get things done without even thinking about it. Time will definitely be saved in your day by not having to make decisions regarding how to perform a task or what to do next.
  3. Good Habits: Plenty of good habits will be instilled by creating a daily routine. We must decide what are the most important things to get done each day, what makes us happy, what we must do for others, which develops fabulous habits.
  4. Motivation, Motivation, Motivation: A schedule ensures that you do not have the time to contemplate whether you want to do something. Motivation is constant once the routine is developed. Of course, it takes a lot of willpower and initial motivation to create a daily routine, but we will be here with you every step of the way!
  5. Saves Work for You Later: A routine typically does not allow work to pile up. Let’s take cleaning for example – If you spend only ten minutes a day tidying up your house, you won’t have to spend a whole day at the end of the month cleaning.

Our circadian rhythm can also positively impact our daily routine if we really pay attention to this aspect of our health. Being aware of your circadian rhythm can improve productivity and your efficiency! This rhythm is essentially a 24-hour cycle, and actually controls various vital functions such as body temperature, hormones and lung capacity, along with sleeping.

We have put together a daily schedule for you that coincides with your body’s circadian rhythm:

6am: One of the first things we all reach for as soon as we wake up nowadays is our phone. So why not knock something off your to-do list while you’re at it! Reading your emails early can help you get one task done for the day and eliminates this distraction later in the day.

Before Noon: Research has shown that you have your best focus and attention before lunch, while your brain is at its highest capacity. Make sure you complete all of your cognitive-heavy tasks before you take your lunch break… You can do it!

1pm: Be sure to schedule time for mental breaks in the afternoon. Your attention span is at its lowest, and you’re more likely to get distracted between 1pm and 4pm.

2pm: Time to take a walk, breathe, and relax! Around 2pm is usually a lull in the afternoon, so allow your body to refresh itself so that you can regain your energy.

4-5pm: Lung capacity is the ultimate best at this time of day! So is hand-eye coordination, so get that exercise in!

9pm: When we’re tired, some studies have shown that we are actually more creative, and this is the time of day when individuals find new solutions to problems. Take the time before bed to think of new ideas or creative projects, maybe even think of a solution to a tough problem.

By listening to our circadian rhythm, we can be more efficient and work at a new performance level. Develop a daily routine that you can follow to be the BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE!








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