The snow is gone, the weather is starting to warm up, NOW is the time to start getting outside. We all know that exercise has extensive benefits both physically and mentally, but why not enjoy the outdoors at the same time?

Doctors in Canada are now prescribing exercise as opposed to medication in order to prevent and treat many different illnesses. “Prescriptions to Get Active” have become more common all over the country and have been considered one of the biggest prescriptions of life right now. Prescriptions almost have this authoritative power in which we know we should follow the instructions given to us by the doctor. Although these prescriptions are not medications, the advice to exercise is still coming from the same healthcare professional.

Everybody knows that exercise is good for them, but do we know how good exercise really is for us? Exercise can improve symptoms and reduce the risk for so many illnesses: heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis and cancer. But it does not just stop there. Almost every illness can be improved somehow, someway, with basic exercise.

Do you know what the best thing about exercise is (besides improving illness and health)? IT CAN BE FREE. Here are some simple ideas to get you up and moving (that are also free)!

  • Go for a nightly walk around the neighbourhood
  • Perform simple exercises such as jumping jacks, skipping, running on the spot when you have some free time in the comfort of your own home
  • Walk or bike to work
  • Discover free workout apps on your smartphone!
  • Find Youtube videos that you can follow
  • Do some floor exercises while you’re watching TV
  • Find some yard work to do (Raking, mowing the lawn, etc.)
  • Look for some open swimming times at a community pool
  • Go for a hike

More common than not pretty soon, we will be seeing doctors prescribing exercising before medication. Enjoy the outdoors this spring/summer, and GET ACTIVE!


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